Life immitates Pottery Barn

Hey everyone! I was desperate to find a new dresser for my son. I found him a vintage Highboy on Craigslist for free before he was born and I re-did it but the drawers always stuck. It was a pain to deal with so I sold the dresser for 40.00 and used that money to buy him a new 9 drawer dresser that would fit under his hanging clothes in his closet. I guess I shouldn't be saying "his" so much because very soon he'll be sharing his room with a "her". I am adding a new crib and new dresser to the already not-too-big room so we needed to do some re-organizing to accomidate. I looked and looked on Craigslist for a 9 drawer dresser but all the ones I found were way out of my price range. I finally sent out a plea on Facebook if anyone knew of one. Lo and behold, my aunt said she had seen one for 30.00!!! Well i was pretty psyched! I immediately called the ad and went to see it. The guy said over the phone that although the dresser is solid wood and very good quality that I probably wouldn't want it. I asked why...he said because its UGLY! Well that, as you all can suspect, is not a problem for me but a challenge!
Well when I went to see this thing the guy was definatly telling the truth. Super super ugly and the weirdest knobs I had ever seen...

Well I knew this thing had potential. I loved the three big drawers flanked by the small drawers on each side and I LOVE the bow front. I saw a dresser on Pottery Barn's website that I loved and was a similar style so I used that as inspiration. I wanted to paint this dresser a creamy white with a touch of mocha in it... Enter Glidden Semi Gloss in Autumn Haze!! So after removing all the hardwear and filling ALL THOSE HOLES (there were a lot)... I sanded it down all the way (by hand mind you...those were pre-hand-sander days) and I primed it with Kilz spray primer. After waiting for it to dry fully I painted 2 coats of paint with a sponge roller. I was so excited to move this into the nursery that I skipped the polyeurethane step (huge mistake) and now it has a few scratches and knicks and thats not the look I was going for on this piece. Oh well I'll touch up later and apply a poly coat. I absolutely love how this turned out! Oh and I also put on new knobs...they are an oil rubbed bronze look and they came in a semi affordable multi pack at Home Depot. Love them!

Now please keep in mind that this is not in its permanent home. Its now in the closet and not covered by a ton of clothes/odds and ends/animal crackers. I love how the knobs help highlight the bow front!

I'm linking up to Trash to Treasure!!!


  1. It looks so great! Good vision with a fantastic outcome!

  2. Oh, and I'm so glad you liked the cake!