Here I go again!

I know what you guys are probably thinking...she hasn't done anything remotely creative in MONTHS and now she does two posts in two days??? Well I have gotten the decorating bug once again and my blog stalking is (almost) back to what it usually is. lol. I have a HUGE blog crush on Jones Design Company! Emily's style is to die for and she's super duper creative. And she's a fellow west coast gal like myself! I was perusing her blog and came across this post. I had lightbulbs going off like crazy because I had JUST the canvas sitting in my garage to do this project. So I'm super bad and didn't take a before picture of this canvas so lemme describe it to you. It is a super creepy and gothic painting of a face...REALLY bright and totally doesn't go with my style at all. The problem is that its a really REALLY big canvas (about 3ft/5ft) and could make a great statement piece if it had the right look. I knew it would fit so perfectly above my loveseat in the living room and couldn't wait to do the bookpage and mod podge treatment on it! Well I had the perfect old book that I couldn't wait to mutilate...err I mean re-purpose into the covering for the canvas. Check out Jones design company for the step by step instructions. It was super easy...although it took me quite a while because of the size of the canvas I was using...but I couldn't be happier with the results. Once it was done and totally dry I found a great monogram of a C online and printed it off and did the pencil lead transfer that she mentions to get the design on my canvas. Once it was on there I reached for my trusty bottle of black acrylic was gone! Black sharpie pen to the rescue!! I sharpied (is that a word?) the transfered monogram instead and it looks just as good! And its super crisp and dark! This is the first thing you see when you walk in my front door and I couldn't be happier!!! What do ya'll think?
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My new obsession...

Hey Everyone! I lucked out today and got both the kids down for a nap at the same time. Instead of doing the smart thing which would've been to drag my tired booty to bed and soak up a precious couple hours of sleep, I made HEADBANDS! And not just any headbands....adorable baby girl headbands!! I am seriously in love with how they turned out. I bought some Goody adult cloth stretchy headbands in tons of different colors at Target the other day and I was itching to re-purpose them into something super fun and girly for my little one. Especially since she doesn't have much hair yet...she needs them! I've kinda turned into a headband critic since I had her because I've tried several different types on her and they all leave ugly indents in her head and pull her hair! These are super soft and stretchy and leave her baby-fine hair intact! I'm not gonna do a tutorial for these because they are literally a mish-mosh of whatever I had around the house. Scraps of different fabric and ribbon, buttons, etc. My next venture will be to head to Goodwill and stock up on vintage, funky shirts to cut to pieces to make flowers...the possibilities are endless!! If you are going to attempt these headbands for your little lady then I strongly recommend the headbands that I bought. They come with about 6 per pack and they have multi bright colors and then neutrals with black and whites and creams. I have to give credit where credit is due and give a shout out to Emily at Jones Design Company for her amazing flowers that have inspired me to get creative! Thanks Emily!!
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White headband with cream ruffle and funky flower
Periwinkle layer flower with purple headband
Red headband with purple and red flower and cloth button

What I'm up to...

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to post about my life these days since its probably obvious to my followers that I'm in babyland lately! lol

This is the adorable reason for my absince from the blogosphere...

This is my daughter Lyla! She is such a joy...I can't even begin to express my gratitude to God for giving me such an amazing little girl. As most of you know, I went 10 days late with her and she was 9 pounds at birth!! She's a big healthy girl and an amazing nurser and sleeper. She sleeps in 4-5 hour chunks at night already (at 2.5 weeks) and is a VERY healthy 10 pounds 5 ounces. She's 95th percentile for weight and head and 80th percentile for length!! I'm insanely blessed to have such a mellow baby since Liam is quickly approaching the "trying twos" and is definitely trying my patience more than ever. He loves his baby sister and is always wanting to kiss and hug her (as you can tell by the picture above). I literally have to watch him like a hawk because I think he would smother her with affection if he could! lol
So, now that I am on the other side of the birth and can finally come up for air I've been browsing TONS of magazines looking for inspiration for my house and for future well as browsing all the blogs. I am on the lookout for DIY art for living room, master bedroom, nursery, guest room, bathrooms ETC! Literally I have TONS of art that I want to make so if anyone knows of some cute, slightly funky, unique, possible art projects let me know!! I also have several furniture projects sitting in my garage collecting dust that I haven't been able to get to! I am missing my creative outlet like crazy and am so excited to get back into it soon! I hope you all haven't given up on me...I will be back and "hopefully" better than ever very soon!!!! Love and miss you all!