My new obsession...

Hey Everyone! I lucked out today and got both the kids down for a nap at the same time. Instead of doing the smart thing which would've been to drag my tired booty to bed and soak up a precious couple hours of sleep, I made HEADBANDS! And not just any headbands....adorable baby girl headbands!! I am seriously in love with how they turned out. I bought some Goody adult cloth stretchy headbands in tons of different colors at Target the other day and I was itching to re-purpose them into something super fun and girly for my little one. Especially since she doesn't have much hair yet...she needs them! I've kinda turned into a headband critic since I had her because I've tried several different types on her and they all leave ugly indents in her head and pull her hair! These are super soft and stretchy and leave her baby-fine hair intact! I'm not gonna do a tutorial for these because they are literally a mish-mosh of whatever I had around the house. Scraps of different fabric and ribbon, buttons, etc. My next venture will be to head to Goodwill and stock up on vintage, funky shirts to cut to pieces to make flowers...the possibilities are endless!! If you are going to attempt these headbands for your little lady then I strongly recommend the headbands that I bought. They come with about 6 per pack and they have multi bright colors and then neutrals with black and whites and creams. I have to give credit where credit is due and give a shout out to Emily at Jones Design Company for her amazing flowers that have inspired me to get creative! Thanks Emily!!
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White headband with cream ruffle and funky flower
Periwinkle layer flower with purple headband
Red headband with purple and red flower and cloth button


  1. Ok, so the headbands are adorable, but would you look at the fabulous model??? I have the cutest niece on the planet!

  2. Those headbands are great! But seriously, don't you just want to chomp on those chubby cheeks and arms. Oh, baby!

  3. Omgosh. Sooo super cute. If I have a girl you better believe I'm copying you once again. ;p And I agree with Andrea, you have an absolutely perfect baby model! She's a doll!!!!