Craigslist was VERY good to me today...

Hey everyone! So...STILL that I got that out of the way I wanted to share my amazing/fabulous/never-to-happen-again Craigslist finds from today. I am OBSESSED with Craigslist's free section. I must admit that I've been very lucky and found some gorgeous and quality stuff on there...but I've also found a lot of was not one of those days! I sent my toddler to play in the sunshine on the deck and give Mommie some space and while he was busy I decided to see what the free section had for me today. Well imagine my shock and amazement when THE VERY FIRST POST was for 3...yes I said 3 Authentic...original Herman Miller FIBERGLASS SHELL CHAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was freaking out! I have been wanting just ONE shell chair for about a year now but every time I find them they are WAY out of my price range and usually ugly and in bad shape! Well these were not that way. They had been in an old lady's garage collecting dust since about 1950....oh and can I also add that they still have the tags on them??? Yup they do....
I called the number when the post was only about 2 mins old and asked if I could come pick them up...the lady said which ones do you want...I said ALL OF THEM! She couldn't believe that I was so excited to take her dusty gross junk. Little did she know what she was calling junk....
I drove out there in horrible traffic to rescue the mid century modern beauties from the landfill and I couldn't be more excited! They are all different colors which is totally fine with me. I made the mistake of letting my husband know how valuable they are and he insisted that we sell them....Um i don't think so buddy! They will grace my home until you pry those metal legs from my cold dead fingers! I don't know if any of you guys get as excited about funky mid century modern pieces as I do. I just love the style and shape and unique-ness of them! And these chairs and super comfy! Can't beat that!!! Ok here's a picture of my prizes...they are on the deck because I had to hose all the dirt off of them...they were practically brown from years and years of dust!

Can you believe it? I'm still shocked and can't believe my luck! Other than a teeny bit of rust on a couple of the legs they are in perfect condition! Hopefully a wire brush and some vinegar will fix the rust issue and they'll be good as new. Any of you ladies have any of these chairs???

Still pregnant...

I am tired...sick and tired of being huge and clumsy and pregnant! I am tired of all the "well meaning" people saying tactless things at an attempt at humor, i.e. "sure are getting big Kelsey", "Wow you look REALLY pregnant, is that baby gonna fall out on the sidewalk?", "You must be due ANY second". There are so many of those types of comments and so few of the genuinely sweet, in awe at God's creation comments like I received at Target yesterday...(seriously Lady from Target...if you are reading this you truly made my day). I know I sound like a total whiner and I'm sorry...pregnancy is truly a beautiful time and I know that as soon as I'm not pregnant anymore I will miss it. Even though I complain to my husband about the fact that I lay down to go to sleep and its party time for baby...for an hour...EVERY soon as she's on the outside I will miss those kicks and nudges in my belly.
I've been going in to the midwife every week for the last two weeks. I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced as of Wednesday but she said not to expect to give birth any sooner than my due date because she didn't want to "over-promise and under-deliver". I also have been studying the Bradley Method for Natural Childbirth and am planning on going drug free. This is going to be a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) birth and I want to try and avoid drugs at all costs if possible so that my chances at birthing normally are not compromised in any way. I had an emergency C section with Liam and I really don't want another we'll try out the natural thing and see if God gives me the strength that I've been praying for... He hasn't let me down yet so I'm trusting him now! I went and got pedicure's today with Ron's mom and two was fun and relaxing...I asked the lady doing my toes to massage the insides of my ankles REALLY hard in hopes that it would send me into labor. (for any of you that don't know this, there is a spot about three finger widths up from your ankle bone on the insides of your ankle that, when massaged, will release oxytocin that can "hopefully" stimulate labor contractions). No worries though if your only a little bit won't "send" you into labor but if you're getting close then it could push you over the edge. That was my hope!
So, the bags are packed (as of tonight), the carseat is assembled and put into the car, everyone is on alert to spring to action at the first call, and I'm just waiting. Waiting sucks! Hope everyone has an awesome Father's day tomorrow...Ron said that a baby would make a great Father's Day gift...I think I'd be fine with that! :)

State of the uterus Master bedroom sneak peak

Hey everyone...hopefully you all had a restful weekend. I did not! We spent the whole day Saturday running errands and then went over to my husband's parent's house to see his brother and sister in law and their new adorable baby boy that are visiting from Denver CO. It was so good to see them and spend time with family...but....Liam was not himself! He was fussy and whiny and really REALLY hard to please. He's a toddler so obviously you have those off days but I could tell something was up. Well when we got home we put him to bed and when he woke up the next morning he was burning up. He had a 104 fever and was miserable! Needless to say we skipped church and blew off all other plans to stay home and take care of our sick kiddo. He's had a fluctuating fever since then but today he woke up with nothing. Yay! The pregnancy is moving right along. 4 weeks and counting till I (hopefully) meet my baby girl! Lets just hope she doesn't plan on being fashionably late and making me wait in agony...wouldn't that be fun! lol
So as most of you that read my blog know, my family and I recently moved into a new place. Its a great house and we are loving playing around with paint colors and arranging everything. I started painting pretty much right when we moved in. There were two bathrooms that were a HORRIBLE day-glo Terra Cotta color and the color offended every part of me that longed for something fresh and clean. So after scoring on two separate gallons of great Behr oops paint at Home Depot (aka my second home) I got to work transforming those baths. One is a half bath and one is a full bath upstairs between the rooms..but neither is that huge so it was easy for me to tackle the project by myself. (promise to post pics of the baths soon)
Well the master bedroom was the only other room that I had on my "must paint" list before baby girl arrives. I knew I wanted to go with a darker color in there...kind of a steely gray...storm cloud kinda feel because it would make all the white wood in the room majorly pop. Well what do you think I found while browsing the paint section at Fred Meyer last month???? Oh guessed it....a storm cloud-ish color of blue gray that was in their oops section for 5 bucks! Gotta love being in the right place at the right time! Well this color was the perfect tone for what I was going for...but it was REALLY dark. I painted a small amount of the dark color on the wall and lived with it for about a week. Yup...too dark. Well I didn't want to buy more paint and I really just wanted to start the project and not make yet another trip to home depot so I grabbed the dark color and a half gallon of creamy white that I had in the garage and mixed them together. After a vigorous mixing it looked like just the right blend of "moody but not scary" blue gray. I got to work on the room yesterday at around 11am...then my husband came home in what literally felt like 2 hours it was 6pm and I had been working on the painting ALL DAY. (My toddler was happy and well fed during this painting process...don't report me for child neglect!)
So after taking a trip to Taco Bell to feed my family because I had obviously lost way too much track of time to make dinner...and the fact that I could barely move...I put down the roller for the night with only one wall left to do. Dark colors are kinda a pain...they require really REALLY even coats and usually it take at least 2 and a half coats to get the right color with no splotchy-ness.
So today I finished that last wall and did a special art project for above our bed during Liam's nap time...I love how the room came out! I'm totally not done with it yet but a few of you have asked to see pics of the new place so I didn't want to keep you in suspense any longer. Plus if I wait until my house is perfectly decorated and spotless to take pics and do a blog post you guys will be waiting A LOOOONG time. lol.

Ok so in a couple of these pics the wall color is showing up kinda purple-ish. Its totally not...definitely a cool blue gray. I showed you guys the "safe zones" that were clean and not covered in cheerios and paint drops. I am going to be reupholstering my headboard fairly soon...most likely in drop cloth or something neutral and plain. I really don't like how the color's in it look in that room. That picture that's above the headboard is the word Forever and was part of my nap time accomplishments today. Its just a piece of drop cloth and some acrylic paint and a frame that I had in my garage. Super easy!
I hope you guys like it...I'd love some advice on art and stuff that will help balance out the deep wall color. I'm totally not used to having a dark wall color but I love it in that room! Hope everyone has a fabulous week and please pray that baby girl decides to "head out" sooner rather than later! :)