Craigslist was VERY good to me today...

Hey everyone! So...STILL that I got that out of the way I wanted to share my amazing/fabulous/never-to-happen-again Craigslist finds from today. I am OBSESSED with Craigslist's free section. I must admit that I've been very lucky and found some gorgeous and quality stuff on there...but I've also found a lot of was not one of those days! I sent my toddler to play in the sunshine on the deck and give Mommie some space and while he was busy I decided to see what the free section had for me today. Well imagine my shock and amazement when THE VERY FIRST POST was for 3...yes I said 3 Authentic...original Herman Miller FIBERGLASS SHELL CHAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was freaking out! I have been wanting just ONE shell chair for about a year now but every time I find them they are WAY out of my price range and usually ugly and in bad shape! Well these were not that way. They had been in an old lady's garage collecting dust since about 1950....oh and can I also add that they still have the tags on them??? Yup they do....
I called the number when the post was only about 2 mins old and asked if I could come pick them up...the lady said which ones do you want...I said ALL OF THEM! She couldn't believe that I was so excited to take her dusty gross junk. Little did she know what she was calling junk....
I drove out there in horrible traffic to rescue the mid century modern beauties from the landfill and I couldn't be more excited! They are all different colors which is totally fine with me. I made the mistake of letting my husband know how valuable they are and he insisted that we sell them....Um i don't think so buddy! They will grace my home until you pry those metal legs from my cold dead fingers! I don't know if any of you guys get as excited about funky mid century modern pieces as I do. I just love the style and shape and unique-ness of them! And these chairs and super comfy! Can't beat that!!! Ok here's a picture of my prizes...they are on the deck because I had to hose all the dirt off of them...they were practically brown from years and years of dust!

Can you believe it? I'm still shocked and can't believe my luck! Other than a teeny bit of rust on a couple of the legs they are in perfect condition! Hopefully a wire brush and some vinegar will fix the rust issue and they'll be good as new. Any of you ladies have any of these chairs???


  1. I am not in love with that style BUT if I ever saw these in the free section I would of JUMPED AND RAN to get them, but for resale! haha You did good!! I also get very lucky in the free section too but lets knock on wood!! Good joB!!!!!!

  2. Great find! I'm one of those people that wouldn't have known how much these are worth. But, I'm glad you DO and you LOVE them! Congrats! Hope you rest well will be here soon enough! Thanks for stopping by a dash of parsley!

  3. Wow! Great find! I'm never quite as lucky with my "free" section,but hopefully that will change someday!

  4. Hey Kelsey! You won my Knot & Pearl necklace giveaway! Can I get your email address so I can get your shipping info?

    Thanks & Congratulations!!!

    You can reach me at: mint n c l a n d y at gm ail dot c om

  5. WOW great find and those are great looking chairs. Good luck on baby's safe arrival.

  6. Hey, I just awarded you with the blog with substance award! I love everything you do! Congrats!

  7. Oh I love Craigslist "free", too! Often, it is the last thing I do before turning out the on my iPhone Craigslist's so much nicer than doing it on a can just thumb through the photos rather than having to click on each listing...must faster. Have gotten some GREAT stuff there...even though we DON'T need any more "Stuff"....:)