My baby girl...

Hey ladies of blogland! Just wanted to post a quick post to fill you all in on my recently expanded family. I delivered our beautiful baby girl Lyla Mae on July 15th...she was 10 days overdue and I had to be induced to get the process started. I don't know if I mentioned in a previous post that I had an emergency C section with my son...well I was planning on having a VBAC with our daughter (vaginal birth after cesarean). Well after about 14 hours of hard labor I succeeded in delivering our 9 pound daughter by VBAC and she is gorgeous and healthy and I couldn't be more blessed and In love!! Our son is in love with her and wants to kiss her and hug her all the time! He's also really realizing that he's no longer the only focus of our attention and he doesn't quite know what to do about that. We are a little overwhelmed with getting used to two but that'll get a lot easier once we settle into a routine. I will post a pic of her soon, right now I have to change a diaper! lol


  1. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!! Congratulations!!! I've been waiting for this blog post! ;) xoxoxo

  2. Oh how exciting! What did you name her? Looking forward to seeing some baby girl pictures. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations, can't wait to get a peek at her. Enjoy every moment!

  4. Congratulations!! So exciting ;) I am sending your necklace tomorrow. Sorry it's taken so long, but I just wanted to let you know it's on it's way.

    Also, in case you didn't know, there is an icon in the corner of your blog saying your background will disappear this Friday, July 23rd.


  5. OH!!
    I am so very happy for you!!
    I had a VBAC, too, with Alyssa.
    It was the best experience (she was 10 pounds).
    I love your new wee one's name: Lyla Mae.
    How darling!
    Can't wait to "meet" her.
    You rest.
    And make a routine--good luck with that--I have been trying to make a routine for 20 years!
    Hugs and much joy to you!