Update on the "not so ugly anymore" chair

Hey guys! Just wanted to show you all the progress on the Pear green chair. (someone called it pear green and I like that term a lot better than flourescent green) I took off the skirt....which once I had pulled a couple of the staples out I tugged the skirt and most of the others came out...so easy! I shampooed the chair with the upholstery attachment on my carpet shampooer and let it dry in the sun all day yesterday. I also febreezed the crap out of it! It still smells kinda like a musty old folks home but that should fade with time...(i hope). I also unscrewed the feet, sanded them lightly with a block sander to rough up the finish, and spray painted them two coats each of Heirloom White. Once they were dry i distressed them lightly and put one coat of wipe on poly on them for shine. They totally changed the look of the chair. It actually kinda goes now! I have it in my living room window with a black wicker ottoman in front of it. I'm still gonna be thinking about reupholstering it because if that musty smell never goes away I will not be cool with that! Ok here's the progress I've made so far.

Don't mind my freakishly white feet in this pic...I need some sun BAD...Oh and thats my new baby girl brewing in my belly! Can't wait to meet that little Miss!


  1. I'll have you know I have spent the better part of my morning with a cup of tea and your suggested blog list. Girl, you got taste! Love it!!! I am so inspired by your thrifty creativity and sass! Keep it up, sweet girl :) The chair is adorable and a lovely spark of color by your to-die-for armoire!

  2. Thanks so much Sarah! I just updated my blog list with the current list of blogs I'm stalking! lol. Check em out there's some great ones!!

  3. Reupholster it. I totally love the lines. I can see it in another fabric. It would rock.