Embellished book wreath

Hey ladies! So i've seen this done dozens of times and commented on how much I love it and how I just HAVE to do it. Did I do it? No. I talked about doing it, I adored them...but for some reason I was intimidated. Until my lovely sister in law did it and BOY did she do a good job! See her post and her Loverly blog here. 
So I just had to try one...since I was over at her house yesterday and she was doing hers as I was gabbing away and eating her food! (us preggo's like to eat...)

I wanted a BIG one...one that could take the place of a picture on my wall....one that was unique and kinda messy....one that had style and a fun touch of something something on it.

Here it is....

I actually really love how it turned out and it only took me about 45 mins. I assaulted a book that we own that we have never read....I don't plan on ever reading it. I wanted it to be kinda jagged and not even and perfect so I ripped out the pages and ripped a different sized section off the top of each page before I rolled them up. I glued all the little cones together first and then set them in a HUGE pile...it takes a lot of those suckers to make a circle. Then I just grabbed the little cones...made sure that no weird looking writing was facing out...and glued the bottom 2 inches or so together. If you do this make sure that you keep the bottom parts of the cone at the same level as each other so it'll actually become round...thats the key! Once I had all my cones glued together and the circle complete I noticed a rather large hole in the center. I opted for more cones rather than less cones and I made them a little tighter together so that I could pack more in...which made the wreath bigger...but it also made more space in the center. I wanted to add something and I had all those little scraps that I had ripped off the tops of the pages so I thought...why not add a flower in the center??? Plus it covered all my glue lines nicely! I folded the little scraps together and glued the centers to make petals....then once it was nice and full I added little crinkly pieces sticking out in the very center to make it look cool. Phew.....
There's a reason that I don't write tutorials very often....I'm not very good at them. I hope you all could understand those directions and that it is CRAZY easy to make this wreath. After your done you'll need some sort of hanging apparatus....I chose a scrap of drop cloth that I had left over from my recent chair upholstery and I weaved it through and then cut the front piece in two and twisted the ends to make it look sorta braided. I then just tacked it to the wall with a cute upholstery tack. All in all I think this totally serves its purpose for creative artwork and I am totally gonna make more!
Here's some more pics of it on the wall....
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  1. Bravo Kelsey~ love this wreath!!

  2. Oh, it does look great, Kels!!! Good job. The deconstructed look is a cool variation. (And thanks for the linky love!) :)

  3. Hi Kelsey. Just stopping by from The Painted Hive. Thanks for the comment on my blog. In response to your question, I bought the mirror. I'd been obsessing over all the pricey versions knowing I'd never have one and trying to concoct a way to make my own when I chanced upon this version on sale in a furniture store. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
    PS Love your wreath!

  4. This turned out really nice. Great job!
    I'm visiting from A Few of My Favorite Things...stop on by my blog!

  5. Nice wreath. I like the flower in the center very much.

  6. Hi Kelsey,
    I will be praying for you and your closet ;)
    Good thing God makes His mercies new EVERY morning!

  7. That is a new take on the book wreath! ANd I LOVE IT!!! Looks great!

  8. That's cute! I love how it turned out!

  9. I love book wreaths! Thanks so much for linking to Favorite Things Friday!