Good luck today at the GW

Hey guys! Its been a while since I've posted because life has been BUSY and I'm preggo and chasing a toddler yada yada. I have several projects that I'll be posting in a couple days (including my new farm table revamp...I re-did my dining table and kept the legs white but stripped...sanded...and massively stained the top) didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it to but it looks super cool and its funky and imperfect which is just fine with me...more on that later. I also made an adorable crib sheet for my soon to be released baby girl's crib out of some amazingly cute Amy Butler flannel fabric that I got on sale for 40% off...YAY! And I have a few more projects of the nursery variety that i'll be showing ya'll.

So the little man and I cruised through Goodwill today and found some awesome deals! I mean...AWESOME deals! Ok I seriously don't really shop at Goodwill because its so overpriced in my area. I hate it when Goodwills have good stuff and they KNOW that they have good stuff so they mark it up like crazy...hate that! Its like people knowing that they have VALUABLE antiques at garage sales and charging an arm and a leg for them...How dare they!
So today was not one of those days!
I spent a total of 23.00 and here's what I got....
Adorable vintage apothecary jar with teeny tiny lid (gorgeous...unique...LOVE)
Adorable small unique looking apothecary jar with semi tiny lid (kinda like a vintage juice glass but with a super cute delicate little glass lid...its seriously adorable
BRAND NEW Simply Shabby Chic (from Target) shower curtain in white with super light pink and light green stripes on it (the green happens to match the light green tub and toilet in my bathroom...yup...we live in a retro rental house that we unfortunatly can't change...grrr)
BRAND NEW Swaddle Me swaddle blanket from babies r us for .99!! These normally sell for about 15 bucks and are INVALUABLE when you have a brand new baby!
Vintage tin Flour canister for 1.25! This thing is adorable...its has a very retro Flour sign on the outside and I'm LOVING it. I'm gonna put my spatulas and other utensils in it on my kitchen counter.
And two hardback books (Angela's Ashes...and The Long Road Home...memoirs of a boy soldier...its supposed to be really powerful...can't wait to read it)

All in all I think it was a super successful Goodwill run. I'm excited! I would've posted pictures of all my goodies but I'm too tired and lazy....just try to imagine their cuteness and I'll get around to posting pics one of these days!


  1. Sounds like you had fun!
    Yeah, go ahead and get that little man trained early to GW shop!
    Our Goodwill had EVERYTHING in the store 50% off on Monday (a girlfriend of mine called to tell me).
    Unfortunately, I had company from outta town in my home, and couldn't go. Oh, well.
    It almost killed me, LOL!
    I hope you will show us pictures (take them in your spare time) of the two Apothecary jars! They sound sweet.
    Yes, let me know when you are ready for the banner...
    Blessings as you chase your toddler and nurture the new wee one!

  2. That sounds like a haul! I want to see a picture of your bathroom with the new shower curtain - it sounds really cute!

  3. You scored!! Especially the shower curtain - what a deal! :)