Cute little chairs

Hey everyone! So I've had these chairs for quite a while now and have always wanted to revamp them but only got around to re-upholstering the seats. They are antique spool chairs and they were given to me for free when I got my Armoire on craigslist. We were in the people's garage loading the armoire into our moving truck and I commented on how cute some chairs were...she said, "you want em?"....I was like...."Uh...YA!" so she threw those in for free as well. They are solid wood but were sadly wobbly and needed wood glue in just about every joint to make them usable. They weren't too high up on the priority list at the time but I held onto them and knew I would get around to making them shine one day! Well that day was yesterday! I mixed up a glorious paint concoction that produced a super pretty robin's egg blue and after thoroughly sanding the chairs and removing dust I got to work painting. I used an approx 1 inch wide Purdy paintbrush and was surprised with how smooth and even the paint looked after it dried...even on the round parts. These needed only two coats to be fully covered and after they were dried fully I applied about 3 layers of wipe on poly for shine and protection. I love how they turned out and will be reupholstering the seats again to match the cute new paint!

Here's the before....
And here's the after...

Love these! They will make a cheery addition to my dining room!!

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  1. These are super cute! Great job! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ~Andrea

  2. What pretty chairs!!
    I love this color blue!
    If the person who gave you these chairs could see them now, they'd probably want them back!
    Blessings to you sweet friend, and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  3. I love that color! They're adorable :) Good job!!

  4. the blue is the perfect color for the chair makeover :) nice job!

  5. Super cute. LOVE that light blue. Look at you go! I've been letting my blog go this last week. I needed some inspiration. =)