Friday garage sale recap

Yes that's right ladies! I had a garage sale today with a few went SO well. The only advertising that we did for this sale, besides a shout out on facebook, was to put a VERY specific craigslist ad about it. In the ad I made sure to list our big ticket "draw people in" items...such as designer clothes or purses, tools, kids play center things, etc. A lot of people are scanning craigslist looking for that stuff so they might come to your sale if you list it. I also made sure to list some prices with the time and the address of course. Well when I showed up to my friend's house that was having the sale there was a line of cars waiting for us to open. I know that's probably pretty typical of hard core garage salers but I was pretty excited! (not too excited though when they started rummaging on the tables AS we were carrying them out of the annoying!) We were open from 8am-4pm and we all made a killing. Too bad all but about 25.00 of my money went to my friend who was selling A TON of designer jeans...two of which fit me like a glove so I purchased them with some of my garage sale money...and my other friend who was selling ALL her boys baby/toddler clothes so I went crazy and bought ALL of Liam's jeans, pants, sweats, sweatshirts, shirts, shoes, etc that he'll need for probably the next 9 months or longer!! She was selling majorly awesome name brand boys clothes for DIRT CHEAP! I couldn't pass it up. And as we were packing up the sale, because there was some stuff that neither of my friends wanted to take home (housewares, picture frames, decorations, clothes, lamps, etc.) they just gave me A TON of stuff for free. So to rid of a TON of stuff...made practically no money in the end...walked away with GREAT stuff that my family really needed (well except the designer jeans...those I just wanted BAD)...All in all I'd say a successful sale! 
Oh and most of those decorations that I got for free I'm planning on spray painting and doing fun things with...I'll be posting a follow up post when I finally get around to it! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

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