Things you need to know about me if were gonna be BFF's

Hey All! I'm taking Littlemissmomma's lead on this one and creating my own list. There might be some TMI moments as your reading but I feel that "full disclosure" is necessary for BFF's. :) Here we go...

I can eat as much pizza as my husband (usually 4 slices)

I am a SAHM. It has been my dream since I was about 15...I've always wanted to have babies and raise them and be that kind of loving, nurturing Mom that was always there for them. I hope I'm achieving that goal.
I had an emergency c section with my son after 35 hours of labor, when I became pregnant with my daughter I really wanted to try and have a regular vaginal birth, (if any of you have tried that then you know that there is a lot of politics involved for having a vbac..vaginal birth after ceserean) well after about 14 hours of active labor I succeeded...a beautiful 9 pound baby girl delivered how I had always wanted!
 I have an enormous sweet tooth...Seriously! As soon as dinner is over I'm rummaging in the cupboards looking for sweets. I can't go into dollar tree without leaving with about ten bucks worth of candy! If there is a sugarholics support group out there then please sign me up!
I ran track all through highschool and cross country in college. Do I run not exactly. I am getting into the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels though!
I am so obsessed with rehabbing furniture that every once in a while I'll just take something that I have already refinished out into the garage and just start sanding and painting away! I can't help myself!
I just learned how to sew about 9 months ago and I am totally OBSESSED now.
I pee and pick my nose in front of my husband. We are obviously VERY comfortable with each other! lol
I could not live without designer jeans and coffee. I am totally obsessed with both!
I was a makeup artist for many years. I also do weddings and special events.
I have a brother. He's 8 years older then me. We have always been very close and are lucky to live only about 10 mins from each other.
My husband is a total computer dork...its his job...and one of his biggest passions!
I am an obsessive copy cat. I feel so uninspired sometimes and then I look at all of your blogs and I copy the stuff you do. Is that bad? maybe I shouldn't admit that! lol
I hate spiders!
I love change...haircolor, cars, clothing, houses...I love it all! I love a fresh start and a new look!
I am not very good with this blogging thing. Sometimes I'm majorly motivated and then I'll have a severe dry spell. Bear with me!
I am very traditional and I love love love to cook and bake and be at home. I grew up hating to cook because I come from a family of amazing cooks and I felt like I could never measure up to their skills. Now that I'm the Mama I love it! And its amazing how good you can get when you get out from behind other people's shadow!
I hate doing the dishes! Give me toilets to clean and vaccuming and laundry..but just please don't make me do the dishes! Touching wet food is one of my biggest pet peeves!
Having my legs trapped is another pet peeve. If someone pinned me down and tied my legs together I think I would probably pass out from the anxiety. no joke.
I went through some extreme anxiety when I was pregnant with my daughter and now I know what its like to live like that. Its no fun!
I majorly look up to you other ladies out there! I get so inspired by all of you and encouraged to read about your everyday lives...please keep it all make me smile!!


  1. You are refreshingly honest...loved the post! Come visit.

  2. Kelsey it freaks me out how much alike we are. I wish I could go through and tell you how many of these things apply to me too haha.