My family lately...

Happy 4th blogland!!! I pray that you are all having a happy and safe holiday weekend and soaking up all the family time you can! I am doing a low key holiday this year because our little guy Liam is sick with a really high fever that he's had for about 4 days now. It goes down...and then back up...then he wakes up with NO fever...then he gets it again! Very frustrating and heartbreaking to see him in pain! We've been to the ER once already and they say its just a virus so who knows how long it'll last! Grrr! Oh well...I am majorly blessed by my kiddos and all the joy and love they bring me, I feel honored to be the one caring for them when they feel the crummiest! Portland (Oregon) JUST decided to welcome summer and we've been LOVING the heat and sunshine! Oregon was especially brutal this year and we had LITERALLY 9 months straight of rain. It was the wettest season on record in 117 years!!!!! That's A LOT of rain! Here's some pics of my kids taken recently...they are both growing like weeds!

 I hope you all enjoy your holiday!!!!

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  1. I miss those adorable kiddos. We need to remedy that. :)