My Pinterest addiction has reached obsessive proportions!

So...I'm sure you guys have heard about Pinterest. If not...let me enlighten you. Its only THE.BEST.THING.EVER! Have you ever seen something amazing online? Like...I have to save this somewhere so I don't forget about let me copy paste this website into a file on my computer that's getting bigger by the day. Well you don't have to do that anymore! You can actually save the idea...WITH A PICTURE...and the address that it came from ALL IN ONE PLACE! Boooyah! It rocks. Seriously. You can compile a huge database of all your favorite ideas, recipes, DIY projects, places you want to visit, photos, etc. There are literally billions of ideas out there and you could save them all to remember for later! Pinterest should've been invented years ago. It totally changed the way I research projects too! Now instead of going to google all the time I go to Pinterest!
So I'm sure after I've gushed and rambled about how great it is you're all gonna want to get on there right? Well you need an invite to join. If you would like one you can request it from Pinterest or you can leave me your email address and I'll send you one right away! Leave it in the comments section and I'll hook you up! Here are some of my FAVEY FAVE ideas and goodies from my Pinterest account...links to all these fab projects found at the bottom....

I could've shown you about 500 other pics but that would've been a REALLY long post! Please check it out! It'll have you hooked! Remember to leave me your email address and I'll send you over an invite if you are interested!! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Can you believe its November already? Crrraaazy!

 Ugly lamp covered in rope
Shelf made from old crates
Aged paint technique with soap
Yarn wrapped letters tutorial
Fabulous inspiration room
Heavenly Frye boots. SWOON!
Fab Fall Outfit
Hanging planters as toy storage...or fruit storage...or hair dryer/flat iron storage...The possibilities are endless!!!

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  1. Kelsey, just saw your comment on Jami Nato's blog. I'm always curious when I see another Kelsey so I clicked on over here. Then I was tickled to see that you also have a daughter named Lyla - although my peanut's name is spelled Lila. So I just thought I'd say hi from one Kelsey/Lila's mommy to another! :)