One of my FAVE dresser redo's EVER...

Hey people!!!! Ok here is a dresser in its pre-fabtastic days. Picture those drawers actually inside that case and not sanded m'kay? This dresser was on CL...only about 10 mins from my house...and they had it listed for 20 bucks. Now THAT would've been a great price...but I always offer less to see if they'll take it. I offered the guy 10...he was stoked...I WAS MAJORLY STOKED! ;)
This dresser is one of those iconic mid century modern styles that everyone has seen...and everyone loves. The molded drawer handles...the cute stubby feet...the height is perfect! I just love this style! 
Now the picture on the right is after I had already sanded the drawers with 80 grit and then 120 grit to remove the old finish. The drawers were in totally decent shape (except for some MAJOR gluing that was needed)...the frame...was...not. I would've LOVED to be able to keep the frame in its original wood but there were several chunks of missing veneer...several LARGE scratches in the veneer that I knew would be hard to cover with stain and have not show. So I went to my FAVE resource for mid century furniture re-do inspiration....enter Design Sponge! I searched before and after pics of dressers and found this...

This is what I'm talking about! Beautiful wood grain...outlined with crisp white! So pretty and modern and funky! I knew I would shamelessly copy them since their case was in bad shape too but their drawers were salvageable. I did have to do some major repair on pretty much every drawer. The wood was in really good shape but the drawers handles were all cracked...the trim was coming i used A LOT of wood glue and put everything back together again. So after thoroughly sanding the drawers (see above pic for the pretty raw wood that I ended up with)...I applied a thick layer of Howard's Feed and Wax to the drawer fronts. Here is a pic of the before the wax and after...

Insane huh? I was AMAZED at how awesome that stuff is and how it brought out all that fabulous wood grain and color with just a layer of citrus smelling wax! Adore Howards...I will be using it from now on! 

So after the drawers were waxed and polished I filled all the scratches and holes in the case veneer with wall spackle. (I use it instead of wood putty...MUCH cheaper and works just as well...and MAJORLY sandable)...let that dry and then primed and painted the box with two coats of oops white paint. I left the feet in the raw wood for some variety. Here's the after.... 

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  1. this is so, so fabulous. i want this. i want to do this. i have a piece, but it's been sitting for about a year til i have the nerve to do it. this is fabulous inspiration, so thank you SO much!

  2. I LOVE this dresser - gorgeous!! I'm your newest follower!

  3. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous! What a transformation. You rocked this dresser.

  4. This brings me to tears, I'm so jealous! Way to resurrect something so fabulous. You did a great job!

  5. I love this! I want to buy it from you problem is my heart says I should refinish one myself. My reality is I have no time. Still thinking on it! I pinned your blog and this piece hope you don't mid!

  6. Oh My! So cute! I have a mid century mod 3 drawer nightstand dresser and this is exactly what I am going to do to it!