Denver bound!

Hey everyone!! I wanted to fill you guys in on a little family adventure were getting ready for. Were moving to Denver!!! :) My husband's job change is allowing us to pursue our dreams of living in The Mile High City! 300 plus days of sun per year with GORGEOUS snowy winters? Yes please! Were super excited to get out of Southern California and move to our dream location...or should I say...our dream U.S. location. If someone told me I could move to Italy I'm sure that would trump Denver. lol. If I'm a little on the flakey side with the blog for the next few weeks please forgive me. Two toddlers, a house full of stuff to pack, plans to make, deposits to pay (grr...why are they always so expensive), and plane tickets to buy (were flying instead of driving. Insert a very loud Praise the Lord!!)...and ALL in the next few weeks. our move date is August 4th so were gonna be busy bees for a little bit. Our area in CA is starting to get 100 degree temps...which will last until mid you can imagine my excitement at getting out of here before we all boil to death! lol. I love you all! I would majorly appreciate prayer during this transition. Especially for my kiddos that aren't big fans of change. Wish us luck and I'll be posting some house pictures when we are in and settled!!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. well welcome!
    I live in denver! I hope you like it a lot...aside from the shooting that just happened =(.
    I love your blog and your bio!
    you have a great day!

    1. Morgan thanks so much!!! I honestly can't wait! Not only to get to Denver but to have a new house to decorate!! :) if you have any awesome Denver places to see or thrift stores I need to try PLEASE let me know!! :)