Farm table re-do

I have been using a pine dining room table that my mom gave me for a long time. It was pine...stained in a kind of blonde orange color and it was ugly! But it had amazing bones and two little drawers on either end...and orginally it came with a huge leaf but we lost that in our last move (sniff sniff). I painted it white a LONG time ago but I did a really bad job of it. That was before I had done many furniture projects and I truthfully should've used spray paint so I could get an even application but alas..I used whatever creamy paint I had in my garage at the time. Well i've been living with the cruddy looking paint job for a while now. It looked "ok" but not great. I wanted to beat the crap out of it...distress it like crazy...and then poly coat it so it was more resiliant and shiny! Well today I made the hubby lug it out to the garage and I went to work. I used a hammer and a screw driver to gouge it and then I heavily distressed it. I made wear marks and just made it look older and more vintage. I love how it turned out!! I didn't take a before pic because i'm that forgetfull...but here is the after

 Oh and I graced you guys with a close up of my gorgeous Goodwill Candle holders. I love the mismatched glass....


  1. I love the idea of a collection of mismatched same color candlesticks!!! I am so going to Goodwill this weekend to copy you!!!

  2. Go for it Sarah! They were all about 1.00 each and super heavy and durable. Love them all grouped together!