I can't just leave well enough alone!

I'm sure you all can relate to that statement! I had a dresser in my dining room that I have been using as a hutch and I was DYING to redo it. It wasn't bad...I just wasn't IN LOVE with it and it occupied a very prominent spot in my kitchen/dining room. No bueno! So I decided to paint it a fun color and chose an oops paint that I had in a super cool mustard yellow. Sounds simple right? Um WRONG! I painted the whole sucker in the mustard yellow and as it dried it started taking on a more orange hue...cut to me FREAKING out and having visions of new born baby poop! Yup that's what the color turned out like! Check out the mess...

 So now ya'll can see why I freaked! Its UGLY! It wouldn't have been so bad if this was a more leggy and decorative dresser but its not. Its a beast and doesn't have a single curve on the whole thing! I honestly don't LOVE the dresser but it was free on CL and it fits that small space right there perfectly so unfortunately it stays. Well I just couldn't live with that horrid baby poop color so I immediately re-painted it the next day. I chose another oops paint that I had in a light bluish gray...very beachy and soft. PERFECT! Well I noticed that as I brushed on the new color I was actually REALLY digging the orangey yellow showing through. It looks amazing actually! So I dry brushed the color on specifically letting the underneath color show through. Here's what it looks like now!

 Loving her new look! I still need to put a coat of poly on her to protect that rustic two toned finish from my toddler's hot wheels! Hope y'all like it!

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  1. it turned out great! you fixed it beautifully!

  2. Really like that technique - looks fabulous on your furniture. I've never tried it, but the results of your project are totally inspiring! Great job!

  3. Great fix!!!! I agree...like the gray over the yellow better than just plain yellow. Keep up the good work!

  4. Nice save, much better!

  5. It looks great! I am still trying to perfect the art of dry brushing. It's hard to get it right!

  6. What a transformation! Great job!

  7. That is just good. I love the color, kudos to you!

  8. huge transformation! Yeah, I don't like that mustard color either!
    love the end result! and I LOVE oops!