Frame Memo Board

Hey Guys! So I stumbled upon one of my favorite blogs yesterday and she had a project that I just had to make! I was feeling ansy to get crafty and happened to have all the ingredients to this project. Check out her post here
This project is one she made after she was inspired flipping through the Wisteria catalog. It was SO easy and I love the finished product!! Here's what you need...
Large picture frame
Garden Twine or Jute ( i found mine quite a while ago in the dollar bins at Target)
Hot glue gun/sticks
Wood clothes pins

Fire up your glue gun and get it hot...
Flip over your empty picture frame so the rim that the picture sits in is facing up
Cut a length of twine that is a little bigger than the width of the picture frame
Put a glob of hot glue on the rim of the picture frame in the spot that you want the twine to sit...bury the end of the twine in the glob of glue and let it dry and get the same thing all along the same side (as many as you want for organization). If you do all the twine on one side and let them all dry then you can pull them taut to the other side and they'll stay taut when you hang pictures and stuff on them. Once they are all dry pull them across (tightly) and glue in place on other side so they are straight (or you could criss cross them I guess and it'd look cute). Once the glue is all dry trim off any excess twine thats sticking out.
Hang on the wall and clip on your photos...hang your glasses....Ultrasound pics....etc.
This was great because I took all the stuff that was clogging up my fridge and transfered it to this memo board. Worked great and looks cute! Thanks so much RockyBella for the inspiration! You rock!!!
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  1. Can I steal this idea from you? I got some of that Target $1.00 twine too! I'm sure where this will go in my home...maybe I will put it in our beach condo:) Hop over and enter my CASH GIVEAWAY.


  2. Of course you can Linda...I stole it from someone else anyway. lol. I was glad I finally found a use for that Target twine! I hope your turns out cute. Send me a pic if you can...i'd love to see the finished product! :)

  3. Love this! ...and so easy!

  4. OHHH, I'm about to steal it too, it's great!!