Inspirational visit to Pottery

So i was aimlessly browsing PB's website tonight looking for inspiration for new projects that would be fabulous and easy to re-create. I came across this link to a great idea for displaying your jewelry. How cute is this?
I have to hand it to Pottery Barn. They have a way of taking such simple items and making them look worn in and amazing! I love this idea and will be making a few of my own. Not only am I in need of Art for my bedroom but I'm also in need of a way to artfully display my jewelry. Problem solved!! Now to find the perfect frames at the thrift store....
Here's another one that's Oh so Easy to do and adorable!

I LOVE me some letters on the wall! I wouldn't go with red though...I'd either go with black distressed or maybe robin's egg blue or something a little more subdued. I am totally gonna copy this though....
Here's another that ANYONE can do. How many times have we all seen great wooden candle holders in UGLY colors at the thrift and passed them by? I've probably passed on dozens of worthy participants to this next project....

White...chippy....rustic...what's not to love? It would go with any season, any decor style, any color candle. I'm in love and will totally be doing this one. And I've also seen super cute and cheap wood candle holders at Target that I could use for this. 
Oh to have the budget to outfit my home with items from PB....ah well.


  1. Great ideas. I love the letters on the wall too! And who doesn't love another way to use empty picture frames? Although, if you have sterling silver jewelry you need to keep it away from the air. It causes it to tarnish. I always tell that to my customers when they buy my stuff. Just FYI! :)

  2. Cute blog!!!!! I got the glaze at Lowes for about 8 bucks. It is Valspar antiquing glaze in asphaltum. It was right there by the paint. So easy, just rub on, rub off:)

  3. These PB inspired ideas are great...and yet so simple :) I've stolen a lot of my DIY projects just from browsing their website...oh and Ballards too. I think I'm going to have to do the picture frame idea for my jewelry too.

  4. Great ideas!! Love the letters on the wall - I might have to think about that now that I will have some place to spray paint! :)