Just get started already!!!!

Ok so this was more of a command to myself...but I'm sure some of you can relate! How many times do we have a project that we want to do and we stall and stall and spend hours "researching" on other blogs about how other people have done it...and never just DO IT? TONS of times in my case! I have several projects that I want to complete...and I don't. I put it off until I feel like the biggest Doosh in the world for being so lazy! Granted I'm pregnant and chasing around a toddler all day so I have a small excuse...but STILL! Seriously one of my favorite projects I've ever done was like this. My armoire was staring at me day after day saying "paint me...make me shine" and I kept putting it off thinking it was gonna be SO hard and take SO long. Well it wasn't that hard...time consuming yes....hard no. And it really only took about two of my son's naps to complete and now I have it to enjoy every day! I feel so proud that I finally tackled it! When you complete a project thats been looming over your head you get this "I am woman...hear me ROAR" feeling and it totally pumps you up and gives you motivation to tackle all the other ones. Love that feeling! Ok so I'm gonna read my sewing machine manual and sew some stinking pillow covers for the UGLY pillows that came with my couch! Thats my project thats been taking me forever to start! How pathetic is that?? What about the rest of you?? Anything looming?

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  1. How did you know to post this last week when you knew I'd be reading it today?! Today I am sitting on my fanny and trying to get up enough energy/encouragement/inspiration to go finish my Master Bedroom which includes sewing pillows from some napkins I found at Tarjay.
    Well, okay, away from the PC and up the stairs I go... thanks for the nudge...