Thrift store "almost full length" mirror Re-Beautified!

This post is made possible because of a love affair with mirrors...specifically that HUGE and expensive FULL length one at Ikea
Now as much as I wanted one of these (or 3) to lean against the walls of my living room and bounce around the light and just generally make it look fab...I couldn't afford it. So on one of my many trips to the Red White and Blue thrift store in Portland I spied this....


Definatly not as big or grand as the Ikea one but its was a good size and heck it was only 4.00...what do I have to lose? I took this baby home with dreams of putting it in the hallway at our house....perfect for my toddler to stand at and make funny faces!
So here's how I transformed this ugly duckling into shabby chic swan....
I put newspaper over the mirror and taped it in place with painters tape. Then I sanded the frame lightly making sure to rough up the nooks and crannies so the paint would stick better. I then sprayed it with two coats of spray primer and let it dry. The next day (during a windstorm I might add), I spray painted it with about 3 coats of the cheapest white spray paint I could find. This was before I discovered the perfection that is Heirloom White. After all the coats were dry I removed the paper from the mirror and distressed it with a block sander. I then applied a couple coats of lacquer (because I knew it was gonna take a beating from my kid) and let those dry too. I love how this came out...What do you think?

I cleaned off the glass special for Ya'll...its normally covered with finger prints. lol. 

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