I just used what I had around the house...

So what do you get when you mix a a pretty matelasse shower curtain that was left by the previous tenant, and some left over drop cloth fabric from your still not finished chair upholstery project? You get dining chair slipcovers! I've been wanting to slipcover my dining chairs with something that I could throw in the wash but was more neutral. I reupholstered my dining chairs a few years ago with a fabric that I loved at the time. Its chocolate brown with different colored polka dots on it. Its cute...but totally not my style anymore. I would just reupholster them but they are not the drop in seat or screw on seat kind...they are cushioned all the way around and the seat part doesn't come off. Big pain in my rear end to reupholster when I can just slipcover them and get a removable...machine washable...and toddler proof seat cover! Ok so here's a couple picks of them. I've only done one so far but I have the pieces cut for the rest of them...just need my back to stop hurting so I can hunch over my sewing machine like Quasi Modo for a couple hours! I haven't figured out how to attach them to the legs of the chair yet...I'm thinking straps of the drop cloth with cute black buttons. I'll take any suggestions I can get on this one!
(notice the cute toddler in the background!)

So please let me know what you ladies think about how I can fasten these. I think I'll probably just attach them to the back where the backrest attaches to the frame so its more tailored. I was majorly inspired by this post but knew that I would never be able to recreate them so I wanted a simpler look. I await your ideas!!


  1. You did a fantastic job on your chair slips. There are so many cute ways too attach/fasten/or connect them at the back legs. Ties made from your material, store bought cording that ties, buttons, velcro, frogs(store bought. Just depends how you best can sew some of these things to your material.

  2. totally cute! Maybe you could use velcro as a closure?

  3. Great job! I wish I had a suggestion for you, but I slack in the DIY / decorating department.

  4. Great job! Fun project, no? What did you end up using on the backs of the chairs?