Massive score at the thrift store!!!

Hey All! SO I went to check out a thrift store today with a friend. Its called the Volunteers of America thrift store and its right down the street from my house but somehow I've never gone in there. Weird I know! Well wow....I massively scored. I looked at the furniture...eww. I looked at the glassware...eww. I looked at the plates (always on the hunt for cool white plates) and as I was scanning the shelves I spotted a box
Don't adjust your glasses....You read that right. 72 piece set....its complete and only one of the plates has a tiny chip on it. Its Pfaltzgraff and I am in CRAZY love with them! So the price on the thrift store tag was 59.99 which you all know is a good price for such a big set (especially since the JCPenny tag was still on there and it said 199.99) but I knew I couldn't justify these dishes to my husband (even though we needed them) at 60 bucks. I grabbed the manager of the thrift store and asked her if she'd take 40.00 for them and because they had been on the floor for over a week without being sold she accepted my offer!!!! Thats right....40.00 for a 72 piece set of amazing vintage looking dishes that I will cherish for years! I am so excited! Oh and I also scored about 5 super old antique books, some clothes for my son, a gorgeous vintage scarf, and an AMAZING old map of the United States (45 cents!!!!!) that I'm gonna frame and hang on the wall!! I am in thrifters heaven right now. So excited about this place and plan to go there A LOT! 


  1. Hi! I found your blog via pinkpolkadot and spent some time looking around your blog! :) I am also a Christian and love all things decorating. (I also slipcover things). I am so enjoying your blog (I learned several new tricks from you) after reading it for an hour!! I noticed that maybe your header could be more fabulous (not that I have the market on fabulous ;) I did a little Photoshop editing for you and (I hope you don't mind- I am just trying to be a blessing to say thank you for the ideas I gleaned *grin*) but I made a banner for you on my blog (which is VERY new, so be nice). And thought you might like a more customized, centered blog name? I just wanted to bless you, my sister :) On my blog, go to the tag cloud and look for "for you" and there it is (save to your PC)- if you want to? Or ask me to do a different design/font- I would love to! Have a blessed day! ~Leslie~ PS. I am not asking for $ or anything- just love having a reason to fiddle around on Photoshop ;)

  2. You are so welcome and I loved making it for you! And I am glad you loved it! :) One more thing, if you want to get rid of the line around the banner/header, do this: go to your Layout tab, then to Fonts and Colors, in the scrolling box all the way to the left, scroll down to "Border Color", then select a white box in the "Colors from your blog" area. The border will disappear. Many blessings! ~Leslie

  3. Love your blog and will be back to read more....A few hours to blog hop tonight....Hope you will stop by mine....I have another giveaway starting tonight...