Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I just found out the test results from the biopsy of that lesion on my arm. Its NEGATIVE!! I still might have to be cut on just to make sure that they remove a little more from around the perimeter so it doesn't come back, but at least its not dangerous and won't make me sick! I am so thankful! God is good and I really appreciate all your prayers! This blog has been seriously neglected lately with us getting ready to move in a few weeks and this medical scare...as well as the run of the mill toddler and pregnancy woes! I will be back to my crafty self soon and will hopefully dazzle everyone with some new projects! Once were in the new place I'm gonna be a painting and decorating mad woman so we can get fully settled before our baby girl arrives! Thanks again everyone!


  1. Hum...not sure how I feel that the whole blogosphere heard about this before I did, but.... ;)
    HORRAY!!!!! So thankful for your great news, Kels!

  2. I'm so happy you got good news. :) You have a lot going on girl!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on the crib leg table.
    Good luck with everything you've got going on!

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relieved to hear that!
    You do your thing and get settled and relax... we will be here.
    Blessings as you move--and I am thanking God for your good news!