Inexpensive Rug Inspiration

Hey people! So as some of you know from previous posts, my hubby and son and I are moving in about 3 weeks. Most of you are probably thinking what a psycho I am that we'll be moving when I'm about 8 months pregnant and YOU are absolutely RIGHT. But we couldn't pass up the opportunity...its a great house for roughly the same price!

Ok well the real reason for this post is my rug search! Our current house has carpet pretty much everywhere so I haven't really invested in rugs because we didn't really need them. Well now we do because at our new place the WHOLE main floor is hardwood laminate and I love rugs for how well they define the different living areas. I just wish so much that cute rugs weren't SO EXPENSIVE!

Enter Ikea.....

Some of you have probably already seen this site Ikea Hacker but for some of you this is a new thing. They have some great ideas! While most of the site is pretty modern design and I know that most of you aren't into that...(neither am I)....they occasionally have some ideas that are adaptable into one of our homes! I saw this on my blog roll this morning and I am SO hooked on the idea.
Look at that cute rug!!! They stencilled it...a cheap-o flat woven Ikea rug! And it comes in like 4 different colors and for a HUGE one its only 40.00!!! Thats my kind of price tag! The cool thing about this idea is how many options there are for stencils. You could adapt this to a more cottage style...maybe do a chevron pattern for a more funky The sky is the limit! I am totally gonna copy this idea with a couple of these rugs but use washable fabric paint so its more durable with kids and pets. You guys should check out Ikea hacker's site...some super cheap and great ideas!!

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  1. Kelsey, I've been LOVING all your new projects. This is a great idea! I never thought about painting a rug. I'm SOO wanting to do this now. By the way.... your new prego picture is to die for cute. I really want to see more about your pregnancy. We have been trying for a while, and my dr. recently put me on some fertility meds.... so I'm thinking its gonna happen soon. =) So start preparing me with your pics and stories!!! ;)