Upholstered Fabric Headboard

So I have been wanting to make an upholstered headboard for my bed for a LONG time...I mean every time I see a tutorial (which is ALL the time) I cringe because I had still not done it. Well I decided that yesterday was THE DAY to stop procrastination! I went to Lowes and purchased a piece of cheap-o MDF and had them cut it for me in (what I thought) was the dimensions I needed for my headboard. Well when I pictured what I wanted my headboard to look like, I pictured a gorgeous one like Centsational Girl did for her daughter's room here. In fact Kate was the one that inspired me to take on this project...Thanks Kate! Well I've had a hankering for a more breezy grown up room for a while and this headboard was gonna be the first piece of that puzzle.
So picture this....gigantically preggo chick walks into Lowes...orders MDF...has them strap MDF to my car...drives home with MDF excited to begin headboard construction....measures bed....realizes that MDF is WAY too big for bed....Darn! So after a quick call to my neighbor who happens to own every saw known to man...I had the MDF cut to the correct size and even some cutey patootie half circles cut out of each corner! woo hooo! So after a quick trip to the fabric store for batting this morning I was excited and anxious to complete my project. I wrapped and stapled the batting around the MDF. I opted to buy extra thick batting and double wrap it instead of buying foam (batting is MUCH cheaper) and I was satisfied with the cushiness of it after it was wrapped. I then laid my wrapped headboard down onto my adorable Michael Miller fabric and started stapling. I get it stapled all the way around except the last side...I go to pull the fabric over to staple it and realize that my fabric is about 2 inches too short! Darn!!! I bought 2 yards and I needed about 2 and a half yards. So back to the fabric store I go after my toddlers nap to buy another whole piece of fabric (can't sew a seam in it because the pattern's wouldn't match up)...I take a small piece of the fabric...show that fabric to the fabric chick who goes over to the place where said fabric is supposed to reside except its missing...a thorough search in the stock room turns up NO adorable Michael Miller fabric!!! Ok breathe....i really wanted THAT fabric...now I will have to pick a totally different one unless I want to drive all over town with a grumpy toddler looking for it....well since that wasn't an option I perused the rest of the Michael Miller fabric in that specific series and found a chevron stripe that had the same color of turquoise in it. SOLD...I even had a 40% coupon which helped with the 11.00 a yard price tag. Yay! So I got 3 yards this time (just to be safe) and also scored 2 yards of cool burlap in the remnants section for 2 bucks!! Double Score!!!
So I drive home excited....I immediately start working on it without washing the fabric first (who has the time after the morning I've had??) and it turns out adorable! Not quite as adorable as it would've been with the first fabric...but still really cute! I used the first fabric that I purchased to cover the buttons for the tufting so there would be some contrast. So everyone mentions how easy this project is...and I'm here to tell ya they were right! If it hadn't been for the 2 steps forward 12 steps back (while also dodging a toddler) way that I went about this project I would've been done in about an hour! So here she is....whatdoya think??

Ok so I realize that yet again I have neglected to stage my picture...I'm the worst blogger EVER i know! Honestly the reason is because I'm not putting this headboard on my wall until after we move into our new house in 3 weeks and I start making our master bedroom a Retreat that I can be proud of. Please forgive me ladies...I will show you all a pic of my master bedroom complete with new headboard asap!


  1. Hellooooo gorgeous ! Could I love that fabric more ? I think not. It will be so fabulous !!

    Thanks for sharing sweetie !!


  2. Very nicely done. It sounds similar to the way I attack things. I am soooo "a horse before the cart" kinda girl. The results are fab, who cares how you got there!

  3. HOW did I miss this!?!?! I was waiting and waiting to see it. And someone I saw the posts before this one, and after this one... but I missed this?!?!
    LOVE IT!!! Super cute fabric and shape.