Do you fear the zipper??

Hey ladies! There might be some expert seamstresses out there that are laughing at my blog post and that's totally fine...I can take it....but I have majorly feared any sewing project involving a zipper. Lots of pillows are made...and there covers DO NOT COME OFF! And thinking back on that, all I can say is, What was I thinking?? I have a toddler! A toddler that is potty training and peeing on  my couch!! (Ok that might have been too much info...but oh well) Those precious pillows are getting trashed and QUICK! In comes the most genius tutorial EVER on sewing pillows with zippers! Have you all heard of Prudent Baby??? It is only the most AMAZING sewing blog EVER. They don't just do sewing projects though...they do crafts, recipes, garden tips, etc. They are 2 amazing women and they just happen to majorly rock at all things fabric! I have much to learn from them (insert Star Wars music here). If any of you are like me and fear the zipper then you need to head over there and read this post. I also have a ton of projects that I've been working on lately and I haven't had time to post about them yet. Those will be coming soon along with my completed pillows WITH zippers!!! Oh and is anyone else out there like me and has mounted their ginormous TV above their fireplace?? And you now have the extremely unsightly cords to try and hide?? Well I have a solution for post!!


  1. Love your blog! I am a sewer, and yes, the zipper is always the scary part!

    Natalie at Nat's Nest

  2. I found your blog at tater tots and jello. I feel the same way about zippers in fact that is on my list to do before I turn 30 in september. Thank you for sharing this site.
    I love your blog.