I love trash...anything dirty or dingy or dusty!

Do you Mom's know what that's from? That would be an Oscar the grouch reference! Ok so I'm not here to talk about cartoons but to talk about trash...specifically a beat up and abandoned leuvered (spelling?) door that I happened upon.
Now I am never shy about taking things home...but this door left me stumped. Its not a super cool door that you could just hang on the wall (like Nester) but it definitely deserved to have a purpose and I knew I could do something with it.
Ok...brainstorm with me for a minute if you will...picture a funky, beat up, HEAVILY distressed magazine rack. Yup that's what I wanted to transform this thing in to! I considered removing every other slat...um....nope! Too much work. So instead of doing that I just started sanding away and beating it up and then finished it by spraying LIBERALLY with anti bacterial cleaning spray and wiping it down THOROUGHLY...cuz you just never know where its been! I then hung it on the wall in my bedroom and whatdoyouknow the magazine's fit!!! After it was hanging up there I decided that it needed some extra cuteness. I had an antique keyhole/door knob thingymabob (technical term) and I screwed that to the top. I love how this came out! It gives me functional and funky wall art and it was totally free!!!! You just can't beat that!!
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  1. Popping around your blog this morning...love this idea. You are very creative! Going to follow you :)

  2. Okay you have been on a role and I've been majorly slacking keeping up with your blog! I love this too! You do some really creative projects that totally inspire me.