Lyla's rustic/shabby/fun room

Hey everyone! I wanted to share some pics of Lyla's new room in CA. We adore our new house and I've been having a lot of fun decorating her new room. Since our budget is pretty much zero I've reused a lot of stuff and used a lot of salvage items as well as "shopping the house" for a lot of stuff. I hope you all like it!
 I use a dresser for most of Lyla's clothes so her closet was pretty much empty. I decided to put her crib in there and give her a lot more usable play space. I painted the lower half of the closet a deep purple to give it some interest. The regular wall color is a light pistachio color.

 These are some rustic pallet boards with some silver house numbers scored at a garage sale.
 Pallet shelf I made with an old wall shelf screwed on top of a curb find pallet. I attached some Ikea drawer handles on the pallet to hold Lyla's dresses that would've been hanging in the closet.
 Lots of options for this pallet. I'm sure I'll add more stuff to it over time.
 The turquoise handles were SO cheap. 2.99 for a 6 pack and they came in other colors too! They reminded me of the glass handles but are more modern looking. I adore them!!
 Ikea purple curtains with Lyla's turquoise dresser made a while back.
 Shabby chic faux roman shade made from a burlap coffee sack. The curtain rod is a piece of driftwood
 Ikea expedit bookshelf and a gallery wall I made for Lyla.
 Free CL reupholstered chair that I did a while ago. Purple quilt was a gift.

All in all I'm really happy with the room so far. Its a work in progress and I need to find a rug but I love the vibe! What do you guys think??

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  1. hey there. just found your blog and i just had to comment on the use of the pallets. what a great idea!