DIY mobile for my baby girl...A tutorial

Hey there! So my wonderful son decided to yank down a cute bright pink paper lantern that I had hanging above my baby girl's crib the other day (how did he reach it you ask? Well he was IN the crib! I promise...I do watch my children...cough cough) He then decided to play soccer with it. Well its paper and paper is fragile. It lasted all of one kick and it was toast. Well I couldn't leave my baby NOTHING to stare at when she's in her crib and I despised all the plastic and ugly ones at the stores. Plus I wanted something unique with random objects hanging from it. I'm weird...I know. Well I needed a round something or other to hang the random objects from so I headed to Craft Warehouse to look for something. I didn't want an embroidery hoop...I wanted something thinner. I found this random gold ring for 2 bucks..perfect!
So when you're making a mobile there are a couple ways you can go about hanging the stuff from it. You can hang them all from around the outside but I didn't want to do that with mine so I created a dreamcatcher of sorts with jute twine. I wrapped one end around the outside and hot glued it securely
I then just wrapped the twine around and across the ring in a pattern that I liked...if there were any large gaps I just wrapped over them.

Once I had enough jute and I liked the look I just cut the end and glued it down securely. I also put a glob of hot glue under each part of the twine as it wrapped around the ring so it was nice and sturdy.
I had a random mish mosh of objects that I wanted to hang from it. I wanted it to be girly but not generic. I had some pinkish fake hydrangea that I cut pieces off and hung from heavy thread from some of the jute, I also had an iron flower that I got for 50 cents from the craft store, I also bent a purple baby spoon into a circle and hung it, I also made some Faux zinc (check out my tutorial) letters spelling out her name (Lyla) and hung them individually, I also grabbed a twig decorative ball and stuffed it with small fake hydrangeas and hung it. Here's the finished product...

I also took small pieces of the hydrangea and glued them into every criss cross point in the jute so it had some sweet decoration. I love how this turned out! I think Lyla likes it too!

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  1. My lands you are on a crafty roll!! Just scoot yourself on over here and help me finish a few projects!

    Sweet mobile!

  2. It's cute but not nearly as cute as your little! What a sweetie!

  3. that is adorable!!! way to make lemonade out of lemons! :)

  4. so fun and sweet I must give it a try for my little babe! :)

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  6. Hi there! I found you from Primative and Proper. I am also an NW gal.
    Love your blog!
    alison from