Natural texture from the dollar bin!

Hey friends! I scored balls of jute garden twine in the dollar bins at Tarjay a couple years ago and I've seriously used it SOO much!! I grabbed about 5 balls of it and I'm just in love with its nubby texture. I used it all the time! I made a jute wrapped vase about a year ago...just like all the tutorials you've all seen on jute wrapped wine bottles and such...but I used an ugly free florist vase. I use that vase CONSTANTLY! Whenever my hubby surprises me with a purty bouquet I plop those suckers in my jute vase. It allows the attention to be on the flowers without looking boring and utilitarian. I just adore it! Well that vase is my bestie and all but I wanted a smaller version for some of the gorgeous daffodils that are literally COVERING my back yard! I have about 5 varieties that our lovely landlords planted last can be jealous...I won't mind! :) Well I was rinsing out an old jar the other day and it occured to me that the jar was the perfect size for the jute wrapped vase I wanted. So into the dishwasher it went and once it was nice and clean I got to work! Here's what I used...
I loved the shape. Its the 16 oz size if any of you want to recreate this look. Its the perfect size for smaller flowers and it holds a lot of water and the mouth is wide so you can cram A LOT of pretties in there!! I'm not gonna give you all a formal tutorial on this because it is brain dead easy...I mean you could seriously be asleep and make this. I almost dozed off making it. Its THAT boring! But the results are Way worth it! So after you've removed the label and washed it thorougly you want to grab your twine and cut the end so its fresh and not frayed. Coat the bottom couple inches in Mod Podge....put the freshly cut end of your jute on the bottom most part and start wrapping it around the jar layer upon layer horizontally (does that make sense?) You want to spin the bottle not the'll make it A LOT easier to hold it tight so one layer sits on top of the previous just keep wrapping and wrapping. Every once in a while hold up the bottle and look at the you see gaps? Then just push it down a little so those are covered and the layers are tight. Just keep going and going and GOING AND GOING. It'll take freaking forever! You'll feel the wrinkles forming as you concentrate on this dumb vase. Once you have all the vase covered ( I personally left the jar part on top uncovered because I liked the look) apply a thin layer of mod podge all over the jute on the outside. It'll also allow you to smooth down all the little hairs that are poking out of the twine. It also makes it water resistant so you can rinse this out and it won't hurt it. Don't put it through the dishwasher or anything careful it doesn't get too wet. Once you are all done and your mod podge is dry you can load er up! Here's mine...

Love it! Isn't that chicken wire basket adorable? Goodwill for a buck! Gotta love those kinda deals! It makes the perfect spot for cute Ikea napkins (why buy ugly napkins when you can get adorable ones for the same price??)  Hope you all like it! I never thought a salsa jar could look this cute!

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  1. Great idea! I love that salsa LOL now I know what to do with my empty jars

  2. Love the shape of the jar! Who would have thought? I have been saving my jars for buttons and other crafty things. I may have to copy! hee hee

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