Yummy sign....No really!

I've had a long skinny and totally unfinished cabinet door in my possession for a LONG time and I haven't been able to figure out what to use it for. It dawned on me today that what it was meant to be was a sign. I've been wanting to make a sign that says "Yummy" for my kitchen wall FOR-EVAH and I hadn't gotten around to it. Well this was the day! I started with a blank canvas...since the door was totally nekid...and applied a light coat of dark walnut stain. After about 20 mins I wiped it down and let it dry. After about an hour I took two cans of spray paint...one in Rustoleum Dark Gray and one in Semi Gloss White. I sprayed them both at the same time swirly it around so that the colors mingled together to evenly cover over the stain that I had applied. Once the door was totally covered I let it dry. Once it was totally dry I used a BRIGHT NEON yellow oops paint and dry brushed that speratically over the top of the gray/white color. I let that dry. I then found some letter stencils online and printed out the letters to my word "Yummy". I love the font! I cut those suckers out with an exacto knife and taped them securely to my door with a bajillion layers of paint. I lightly sprayed 3 coats of the white paint over the stencils and then quickly removed them. After they were dry I gave the whole thing a thorough sanding by hand to distress and age the finish. Done and Done! It was JUST what I had envisioned!!! I am in LOVE with this sign!!! It hangs right above my daughter's highchair and looks so stinkin cute. I smile whenever I look at it. If anyone out there wants to tackle this project there are a huge amount of unfinished wood cabinet doors to be had in the As-Is section at Ikea. This sign would also be cute with the word "Eat" on it or maybe "Nosh"...lol jk. I hope you guys try this... if you do please let me know. I'd love to see!!!


  1. Cute sign! Hi there, we met at the big garage sale up in Happy Valley (you guys let my little girls use the bathroom, thanks). Anyway, I didn't end up buying any burlap that day but was wondering if you still had some you were wanting to sell. I wasn't sure how to get in touch, hope the comment is ok.


  2. I LOVE signs and this turned out so cute! I always get intimidated because I suck at using stencils.. but this is encouraging me to try some more. I didn't know about the doors at Ikea, I'm looking next time! xoxo