We are moving!

Hey everyone! I wanted to fill you guys in on my big news. My family and I will be relocating from Oregon to Southern California in about 3 weeks!!!!!!! Crazy huh? My husband got an amazing job offer that we can't refuse! We've been itching to get out of Oregon's gloomy gray weather for years but never had a reason (other than our distaste for rain)...and now we do! Its been a whirlwind and I'm not totally used to the idea but I am really excited. The only bummer thing is that the majority of our friends and family are in Oregon and saying goodbye will be really hard. God provides though and he provided this job. WE just have to be open and receptive to his leading...and he is leading us to California! I am going to be a crazy person for the next few weeks with moving stuff and cleaning and packing...oh and being a Mom to two busy kiddos! I know that this next chapter of our lives will be full of memories and fun and newness and I honestly can't wait to see what happens!! Thank you to all my followers for your support and kind words...I'm very blessed to have you all!! Have a safe weekend!


  1. Maybe on a sunny...or at least not rainy day, me and the boys can come over and I can help you while the kids play in the back yard?? Let me know :)

  2. How exciting for you! And with the last week we've had (and in July no less!) I'm wanting to follow you :)

  3. Similarly, we are relocating for my husband's job (from Alabama to Wisconsin). I wish we could coordinate it all and go in 3 weeks so our kids don't have to start school here and then move, but I don't think we can move that fast! Good luck on your move & congrats to your husband on the job.

  4. Kelsey I lived in San Diego for thirteen years and loved it! Now I am back home in Kansas City because of family!!

    I truly hope you have a great move!!


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  5. I am just so excited that it was in God's plan for you to move to Cali. Only an HOUR away from US! I can't wait to have you guys near. I'm so excited for you and your new adventure. xoxo