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Hey peeps!! I wanted to share a little craftiness with you guys. I have had my sewing machine out lately...and when I say "Out"...I mean its taken up residence on the end of my dining room table for easy access. I wish so bad I had a sewing room..but alas...I do not....anywhoo. I realized that I needed to update my couch pillows. We have the Ikea Karlstad sofa...with we LOVE...and it has a dark gray slipcover...which we LOVE (with two messy kiddos with sticky fingers) but the couch cushions that were on it were from our last couch. Our last couch was cream microfiber so I added dark gray pillows to it to balance out all the light-ness. Well this couch is gray+gray pillows=Way too much gray! Is that even possible?? I adore gray.

Anyways I wanted to bring A LOT of color to my couch. Bright for spring (which we are having in southern CA) I adore using random things to make pillows. Remember my Place Mat pillow from many moons ago?
Well I was in World Market the other day looking for some new...well...everything! World Market has so many gorgeous things that I could simply move in and live there!
I stumbled across their table linen area and my eyes fell upon the most gorgeous cloth napkins to ever be created!
OOH LA LA...that bottom fabric is the cloth napkins (linen..soft as a baby's bum..and saturated...amazing colors!) and the top two fabrics are some other fun ones I found at Jo Anne's to make some other fun pillows. The left one is a mustard yellow paisley...and the right one is a bright fun colored Ikat fabric. I love me some Ikat. That is all.

So because I'm a follower...I used Prudent Baby's zipper pillow tutorial for the napkins. They just happened to be the same size as the pillows that I needed to cover so it was easy peasy to transform them! This tutorial is seriously AWESOME people. I never ever follow patterns. I'm a lazy seamstress and I like to just sit on the floor with my laptop and watch someone else do the tough work. Yup. That's me. Not really...its because patterns scare me. Anyways.

Tah dah!!!!! I seriously adore how these pop on our dark sofa. They brighten up the room so much. This is gonna be my decor inspiration fabric from now on...or at least for the spring thru summer time period.
Here's my zipper. I adore being able to wash my pillows. Sure a non zipper pillow is fine...but a zipper pillow looks like you bought it. It makes a huge difference in how professional a pillow looks I think.
That Ikat fabric became this snazzy number. Check out that sham edge. Oh ya that was all me! I didn't put a zipper on this one. I created a sham edge on 3 sides and made a button closure on the far left side with orange vintage buttons.
I really love how a simple sewing project can transform your space. I seriously love how these came out!
So what have you all been crafting lately?? Anything inspiring? Share with me puhlease! :)

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