Keeping it real....

Random tid bits about my life this week...
- I haven't done a load of laundry...or folded any of the probably 5 loads of laundry that's piled on our bonus room couch at all this week.
-My upstairs hall way outside the kid's rooms is always a pile of various dirty laundry items (see above), dirty diapers, toys, books, etc.
- I really REALLY Love Taylor Swift's new album. Its pretty much the only thing I listen to right now.
- I adore being a stay at home Mom...really I do...but there are SO many times a day that I think I am failing miserably at being a Mommy...I always have to check my attitude and pray throughout the day to get through.
- I was buying fabric at Jo Anne's a couple days ago. While in line at the cutting counter with both of my kiddos in the cart I was talking to some older ladies in front of me. They were both watching me...watching my kids...watching how I acted towards them..watching their behavior. I felt very uncomfortable until one of them leaned over and said, You know your kids are VERY well behaved! Whatever you're doing is working! I could have kissed that woman! Sometimes it takes a random person telling you that you are doing a good job to totally change your mind set.
-I really struggle with the idea of perfection in both my own behavior and my kids attitudes. I need to look for progress...not perfection.
- I am NOT good at working out. I really love it but am not very self motivated. I really need a personal trainer to move in next door to me and kick my butt daily. Drag me out of my sweats and make me jog. That'd be awesome!
- I adore hand me downs! For my kids. For my self. For my home. I am never too proud to accept something that's free and needed. One person's trash is another person's treasure.
- My daughter's smell is the most intoxicating aroma to me. I ADORE the way she smells when she first wakes up in the morning. I sit in our living room chair holding her while she holds her blanket and I just sniff and sniff her cheeks and neck. I wish I could bottle up that smell and the feelings that come with it...I always want to remember it!
- Driving in the car yesterday my son started singing...Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you're my guy! I didn't even know he knew that worship was so adorable. Then...two seconds later he looks at me and says, Mommy you're look like an angel! I could've melted into a puddle right there! Love that boy!
- My husband is my soul mate. I don't say that because we've always had a great fact we haven't always had a great marriage. We  have both grown so much over the past year. We've learned to put each other first. We've been married almost 7 years but I feel like our marriage JUST started.
- God continually surprises me. When I imagine what my dreams are...and then I see Him answer them one by one I am just in awe! He's SO good to me!
- I adore living in Southern CA...I really do! But I am seriously jealous of all the people in the US getting snow. We have sunny skies at 70 degree weather! Not like I'm complaining....but I would've liked to wear my sweaters a little more this year!

I hope that wasn't too random for you all! I'd love to hear random stuff about all of YOUR lives!


  1. Love it. This post makes me miss you. :)

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