Laundry room make-over

Hey people! I wanted to share a so little laundry room makeover that I'm doing. When we moved into our house in California we were STOKED to find out that we had a laundry ROOM (an actual room) upstairs near the bedrooms. It had a door and everything! (we've always had the laundry closet...or the garage laundry set up). We love the convenience of it but HATED the way the laundry room looked. The walls were stark white and stained and dusty...and the landlord had started to paint the room and then ran out of time. He painted one wall DARK brown...and he didn't do a good job...i mean seriously it looked like a 2 year old went at the walls with their hands! eww. (wish I had a before pic to insert right here...hangs head in shame...BAD blogger!!) Anyways, I scoured Pinterest for inspiration pics. I wanted something FUN...since its a small room I wanted it to have a lot of punch and interest. I have a pretty decent collection of fun Oops paints that I planned to of which is a fun turquoise. Well one day I was on Pinterest and found this picture....
It was super cute...didn't require any demolition...and was fun. Perfect!
Well yesterday was painting day. After lugging my kiddos to Home Depot for some supplies I came home...parked those kiddos in front of Yo Gabba Gabba (thank God for educational TV sometimes)
and got started taping. Well I was meticulous with my taping..took my time (a total of 4 hours off and on)...and made sure my lines were not only level...but even with the others...equal spacing...etc. After I got all my lines taped I grabbed my paint and got ready to start...realizing that I should have painted my BASE COLOR FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR! 4 hours wasted. Now I could have painted the first set of lines...and then waited...and then retaped and painted the second section...but that would have been WAY more taping than I wanted to do...and after shedding a few tears....I violently ripped down all my tape and started painting my base color...A Martha Stewart turquoise color. Well after two coats of that and taking care of kiddos...making dinner (which was pb/j last night since I could barely lift my arms by that point) it was 11pm. I taped off all my stripes again...which I decided to do vertical this time since its easier. I got through 3 cream stripes and could barely move I was so tired. So I'm tackling the rest of the project today and hoping that I can get it finished and put the room back together. Here's a pic of a GREAT bathroom with veritcal stripes...
So pretty huh? Wish I had that tile...and that dormer...that rustic shelf unit would be nice too. I will share my dramatic reveal "hopefully" today!!! Have a fabulous day friends!!


  1. I often get halfway done with something and realize I've done it completely's the worst feeling in the world! I cry, curse, have a diet coke, and start over. Can't wait to see the finished product!