Laundry room Make-Over...the reveal!!

Hey People! So in This post I told you about my extremely icky laundry room. We moved into this house 5 and a half months ago and I just couldn't take it anymore!! I showed you guys the vibe I was going for with this space. Bright. Cheery. Fun. Those were things that I felt this room needed. Its small and a small room needs some punch sometimes! So here we go....
 I was originally going to do horizontal stripes in here. I had seen SO many adorable rooms with horizontal stripes and I just loved the look. But I had an...ahem...mishap when I decided to just jump right into the project and start taping without painting my base color first. Well lets just say I was VERY meticulous taping off those stripes. They were even spacing...level...and they looked perfect! After I got the whole room taped (4 hours approx) I realized that I should've made it easy on myself and painted the turquoise on first. ***Slaps forehead in disgust!*** I shed a few tears...violently ripped off my tape...and started painting. So needless to say I didn't have enough energy or tape to redo the horizontal stripes. I did vertical instead and I love the way it turned out!

Pallet board with hooks attached. Great for holding hangers and drying my un-mentionables! :) Oh and towels...those too!
AWESOME-SAUCE rack that I've had for years...from Ikea. Never thought of using it in the laundry room but was super STOKED to discover that not only does it fit perfectly on this holds 4 laundry basket while only taking up a small amount of space. WINNING! It also matches my stripes. Added bonus! (note to matching laundry baskets)
Crib side rail drying rack. I'll let that last part sink in for a minute....
So have any of you stopped using those potentially harmful drop side cribs...but couldn't bare the idea of throwing it away so you've further jammed your garage full of yet another "sentimental baby object". Well clear out space in your garage and dry your clothes at the same time! I simply attached some heavy duty hooks into the ceiling some silver chain cut in 4 equal 2 ft lengths at Home Depot...and hung that baby from the ceiling! It works seriously awesome! I hang all my hubby's work dress shirts...keeps me from having to iron them. Ya...i don't like to probably don't either so make this drying rack and save yourself some time!
This is an old chippy entertainment center....ya know...when tv's were small and could fit on top of one of these. This thing has had MANY jobs in our house. Shoe rack. Side table. Computer cart. And now laundry organizer and trash can holder! Its a jack of all trades and I love its rustic look! Added a cute cloth box from Target (my second home) to the top for all the odds and ends that end up in the laundry room.
I made this sign in Microsoft Word and printed it out...stuck it in this old frame and VOILA...laundry art! Also my little jade plant loves this room! Lots of light all day!
Cheap pine board that I painted white...super sturdy and big. Love all the storage it brought to the room!
See that...over on the left side? That's my faux roman shade! I already had this cute fabric and it fit the room perfectly! I like to wing it so I made this roman shade in about 10 mins and tied up each end with jute twine. Its also attached to the wall above the windows with upholstery tacks! Cheap and cute!

That's it. Its done. I have several bruises and my sciatica flared up from all the bending...crouching behind the washer and dryer...etc. but I'm SO glad I did it. LOVE this space. Laundry is more fun now!

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  1. What a genius idea for the drying rack!! LOVE the stripes too!

  2. Those bold and fun stripes could seriously convince me to spend some time actually doing laundry-haha
    I would love for you to come link up at my party going on now through Sunday night!

  3. It looks like a room where you can actually enjoy doing laundry in.

  4. Very cool! Love the stripes! Great job! Please come over and post at my place on Wednesday if you can!
    PS You could win a $5 Starbucks card! :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Ingenious use of the crib rail and the sauce rack!!!! I want to be as creative as you when I grow up!