My new conquest...

Hey awesome people! Sorry SO SORRY its been forever since I've posted. I have had...not only a severe creative drought...but also 4 people in my house with a severe virus. My son decided that starting preschool 3 weeks ago gave him the right to infect his whole family with the plague! The worst cold/fever/cough that has hit us in a while! Plus it turned into bronchitis and an ear infection for my son. Good times. Good times indeed. Anyway, So the reason for the title of this post is to tell you all about a new connection that I made that I'm OVER THE MOON excited about!!

So the other day I was driving down a road not too far from my house and I spied a huge field with a bunch of super cool looking wooden crate things in it. I also saw tons of twisty piles of industrial scrap metal and such. I drove past...and was SO intrigued that I had to turn around the perimeter of this field until I found what it was. Well imagine my surprise when I found a large building supply company connected to that field. I knocked on the door and inquired about the crates that I saw. Well after talking for a while with the nicest guy he mentioned that the area that I saw that amazing architectural "junk" is actually their junk pile!!!
I then asked him if I know...look around in their junk pile. He said...are you interested in any of it?? Stifling my extreme joy I casually said, Ya maybe.

Cut to me rummaging through PILES AND PILES...actually more like ACRES AND ACRES of rusty scrap metal...industrial carts that look like they are straight out of the Anthro catalog...pallets with just the right age and patina...rebar...etc. ALL JUNK! this company pretty much told me to take as much as I can off their hands because its more expensive for them to dispose of it then to just let it sit.


So after building my Pallet coffee table I've been really motivated and excited about building more furniture. I have several projects in mind but I'm now going to incorporate industrial salvage items into my furniture plans! Can you imagine? All of it for free??? I am SO excited you guys!!! Stay tuned for a lot of "junk related posts" in the very near future!!! Hope you all have a great great week!


  1. WOW!!!! what a lucky find!!!!! people here just have rusty tractors in their yards....

  2. Sooo Jealous - I have managed to find a bit of "junk" at my work but nothing so joyful as acres of it!!!! Have fun cant wait to see your creations!!

  3. pallet furniture! what a dream. that's so cool! adorable blog.

  4. Beautiful!
    Enjoy, and feel free to visit me. I hope you will consider of following each other! What do you think?