What's happening lately...

Hey there blog friends!! I'm again so sorry for my long absence. I have been reading your amazing blogs but not blogging myself because of a fairly severe sickness I've been having. It's called pregnancy! Yes that's right...we are expecting baby number 3! We are very excited, as are the kiddos, who ask every day if the new baby can come out yet?! I am due mid June of next year so I am right at 15 weeks right now. I'm feeling much better these past two weeks which is a huge blessing as I've been able to pursue our second huge announcement...

We are building a house!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes my LONG standing dream of home ownership will finally be coming true! We are going to be done with the building process right around mid August so we will have a two month old! Yikes! It'll be so worth it though as this house is truly our dream house. I have always been a bit of a wanderer. Never feeling settled in one spot and always researching where we were gonna move next. But when we got to Denver we knew it was forever! We LOVE it here and have truly blossomed since moving here! So excited to build our dream house here and expand our family even more!!!! The hardest thing is gonna be waiting to decorate a nursery until this new baby is already here and were in the new house!! I'm such a nesting freak and I know I'll be tempted...but alas...I will resist! I hope you are all well and safe and gearing up for baby Jesus's birthday the same as I am! This is the first Christmas that my little Lyla kinda knows what's going on. So fun experiencing Christmas through little eyes!

I will be sharing the building process as we go along and probably showing you all far too many pics of the foundation and other not so exciting stuff...but bear with me! This is not only our first time being homeowners but we are building this house exactly to our specifications which is amazingly cool!!!

Ok I'm off to run errands and buy baking ingredients for my Moms famous fudge! Merry Christmas to you all!!!



  1. Have you started with the construction already? It would be nice to see the progress of your house construction. By the way, I found this photo: http://pinterest.com/pin/94223817173381334/. You may want to check it out. It has neutral and bright colors, ideal for a nursery.

    Sherril Frost

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