When things change

Anyone still here? "tap tap"

So...many apologies because it has truly been forever since I have written on the Ole blog. My life has gotten busy and posting about cute and ultra creative diy projects hasn't been a priority when I was raising THREE humans and trying to maintain my sanity!

So here's the thing....

I know this is MY blog. I know that I can write whatever I freaking want on this blog. But. I have felt a bit stifled about the fact that the original direction that I had for this blog was based on crafty stuff and diy and my kids.  and as my life, interests, goals, and motivations changed...I kinda felt like I didn't have anything to offer by way of DIY inspiration, and so I just didn't write. I kinda just avoided the blog. Lame...I know.

So I am going to change that! Like...FOR REAL. My life right now looks pretty different than it did the last time i posted. And I am honestly tired of just sharing the cute, the creative, the inspiring. and NOT sharing ALL the other remaining stuff that makes up about 99% of my life day to day. So this blog is going to get a little revamp of sorts. I'm gonna post. About whatever I feel like posting about. It may be cooking. It may be plants...because...OBSESSED. It may be travel. It may be a funny story about a diaper explosion (because they are always funny...for the ones NOT involved). It may be about my loving heavenly father who never gives up on me and always pursues me...even when I am a butt face. Its gonna look different on different days. And thats ok.

So...stay tuned! I am back. Promise. :)

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  1. I was feeling the same way! And now I'm back too! Can't wait to see what you have in store. :)