Visable cords=EWW

Ok so that's the best I could do with a title line....I know I have issues. I promised you all in This post
that I would show you how I kinda hid the tv cords on my mantle. So my hubby and I had an amazing (not so much anymore) idea that we should mount our huge TV over our fireplace. It sounded good...all the cool people are doing it...but it gave us the unsightly dilemma of cords hanging down and then running along the mantle to plug into the dvr, xbox, etc. Well it bugged me for MONTHS before I really tackled a solution to it. I literally tried everything i could think of to hide those suckers. I tried driftwood stacked on top of one another, I tried holly branches at Christmas, I tried gords at get the jist..I tried it all. Nothing really and truly covered them and was tranferable from season to season. Well a couple weeks ago I happened upon a garage sale in my neighborhood and I scored 8 random silver house numbers for a dollar! These things are about 2 bucks a piece and they were in amazing shape. I had no idea what to do with them but I knew I had to use them somewhere. Well the other day my lovely sister in law...check out her blog here came over to help me redo the vignette's that I had on my shelves. I'm NOT talented in that dept AT ALL. She is the shelf queen! She could take rocks, dirty diapers, and duct tape and make a cute vignette. Well that might be a slightly gross stretch but you get the idea. As we were finishing the shelves I asked for her help on covering the cords. she was stumped too. Then she said, hmm I wish we had something to just kinda lean against them to cover some wood or something that was cute. DING DING DING...lightbulb moment! I had TONS of old pallet boards in my garage. So a couple rusty and crusty old pallet your shiny silver adornments! We screwed the numbers on in a random and slightly haphazard (my fave) manner and BAM! The cords are not quite all the way covered but its SO much better and I love the modern and slightly rustic flair that it gives the room. Plus you can leave it up throughout the year and it looks good! Check it out!

Before = Nastiness

After=Oooh la la

So you can still kinda see the cords a teeny bit...but I can live with that. Were renters and this is about as good as we can get and still have our TV mounted up there. So there ya have practically free solution to the cord dilemma!

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  1. Very creative. That works. Your post cracked me up! I'm not sure which story I liked better, the driftwood stacked, or the dirty diaper vignette!